Thinking About Social Media Usage

I recently embarked on a month-long social media detox and subsequently decided to delete most of my personal accounts in order to further enjoy the positive changes that I noticed surface during my 30 digital-free days.

I’d been firstly inspired to question how and why I use social networking after hearing about how The Minimalists were vowing to use their social media accounts more mindfully in 2018. It’s amazing what we can address when we stop, step back and analyse.

As a regular listener of The Minimalists’ Podcast, and having been motivated by their philosophies for a while now, I submitted a voice memo into their show, and have been featured in their most recent episode.

Are you thinking about your social media usage and how you can minimise it? Head on over to their Buying Podcast – you can hear me talking at 1.57.48, but do give the whole thing (and any more of their episodes) a listen if you can, it’s truly life-changing stuff.